vivica genaux live

now (14h30 EST 01-feb-2013),here or here
program: Vivica Genaux, mezzo-soprano, and Cappella Gabetta conducted by Andres Gabetta perform opera arias by Händel, Hasse and Vivaldi.

alternatively, you also tune in live (now, 14h EST) to Anke Vondung in Leipzig here
Anke Vondung, mezzo-soprano, and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra conducted by Lionel Bringuier perform
BERLIOZ: Le carnaval romain, Concert Overture op. 9/ Les nuits d’été op. 7.
ROUSSEL: Symphony No. 3 in G minor op. 42.
RAVEL: Daphnis et Chloé, Suite No. 2.

– if everyone would speak French like Vivica, i would have NO problem understanding!! lovely concert, minus to _multiple_ abruption due to loss of signal, grrr… and yet her interview is all continuous…
– now onto Bajazet’s arias, really like.
– they’re clapping in unison, trying to get her out for encore…
– and encore she obliged, moooore charming French from Vivica. It’s the last concert of the tour, she’ll sing an aria from Bordeaux? or composed by a person from Bordeaux though she didn’t know his/her name? very beautiful all the same…
– radio host sounds quite fond of her, “divine”, “flamboyante”… was a very nice concert! too bad i missed the first bit of Handel + Hasse due to loooads of signal abruption.

playlist continued…

we have a holiday on monday (Patriot day i think, when the Boston marathon will take place, speaking of Boston marathon, did you know about this story?) So, not sure what schedule i on but fully awake here in the office to beeeaaaaautiful sunrise. Today we shall have 25°C with 50-71% humidity

Anyhow, i’ve digested so far this weekend TWO full Don Carlo (munich 2012 and ROH 2008 from previous post), a chopped up version of Clemenza, which i might write up at some point…, and now completely immersed in the rabbit!! Patience is a virtue indeed, 2 years ago i sooooo searching for this *live* broadcast unsuccessfully due to geo-blocking, only to now getting it, all thanks to Eyes’ post on Harnoncourt (very cool interview indeed!) that sent the search  machine forward. So here it is, lady and gents, the rabbit! (do continue until she finishes singing, wow!! ps- as a right-hander, i can’t help but concerned very much with her holding _that_ cleaver with the left hand…)

and here she is again, making a run on the moon.

ariodante 101

Rosemary Joshua and Vivica Genaux, ©2002 KEN HOWARD

i still hunting for that elusive kasarova’s ariodante. in fact, don’t we all have a secret list? mine is filled with live radio broadcasts (still hunting for that damnation de faust with kasarova last year in weimar…). these broadcasts allow for so much imagination (what does that *THUD* mean???, are they wrestling? that must be footsteps, someone is coming!!) and while the mind is firing, the music is fully absorbed by the body without the visual distraction. It’s the dynamical process which i love.  Once the curtain goes up, clap, silence, overture, and voilà. no retake, no smoothing, occasionally with spontaneous burst from the audience (not the obligatory/intrusive clapping but an impulsive screaming of joy). Anyhow, long operas are great for working, and i’ve been itching for Händel’s Ariodante for a while now.  Surprisingly not by Scherza Infida etc., but all inspired by that lovely overture during Sarah Connoly’s recital last year, *love* the overture. How many of us have really attended or know Ariodante well anyway, besides just the several patched-up arias by our favorite singers mezzos. Anyhow, here’s footage of a performance that originally put “ariodante” on my radar (also a good introduction to the work).

(ps- i very very surprised they performed this in that _gigantic_ San Diego auditorium, poor Rosemary Joshua and her headaches!)

Vivica Genaux in LA

an unintentional super-extended trip in LA + last minute planning scored me 9th-row ticket to hear Vivica Genaux and Europa Galante with Fabio Biondi in an all-Vivaldi recital. (First, let me just shout out how beautiful she is!!) OK, now we can discuss music.

This is my 2nd time hearing her live, and first ever with any singer that up close (even scooted down to row 3 after intermission!). The program included 4 Vivaldi orchestral work (each with 3 movements) and 6 arias. At first i thought it was Quell’usignolo by Giacomelli but a last minute youtube check before heading out drew my attention to the version by Vivaldi. Both very nice, but what’s truly amazing is her voice. Not sure how to describe it, it’s got this special tone that somehow i always associate with elasticity. Not sure if it’s the right word here, just absolutely pleasant to listen to live. She does with her voice what Roger Federer does with his tennis racket. There had been tons of fusses about her jaw movements. Last year, I intentionally booked tix a bit further back due to fear of getting distracted. Now that I’ve seen her 2m away, no clue what all the fussing was about. Jaw or no jaw, the sound that comes out is just a magnet to the ears. love those trills (thanks Eyes!)

The second aria, i love. It’s the featured one for her latest cd promo.

Personally, i love the slow pieces much more than the fast ones. My favorite was the aria right after intermission: loads and loads of soft exchanges amongst the strings and between them and her voice (though i think anyone sitting in back rows of orchestra section or balcony of Disney Hall wouldn’t have heard much, was very soft, much more than this recording here) Read more of this post

playlist for weekend

starting with

which came from this AIDS-Gala 2011 concert happening last week in Berlin. The duet features the 2 main singers in the recent BBC-3 radio broadcast listed over at Eyes, which I now done listening. It sounds really like Rossini’s La Cenerentola. At the end of that performance was 2 really beautiful arias sung by Simone Kermes.

Currently on the playlist is the Lunch Program on BBC-3 radio last week by Anna Caterina Antonacci, really wonderful. I’d recommend the entire program, nothing beats piano and voice in intimate setting, *love*. Think i’ve also read a raving review somewhere, probably by Intermezzo who went to see her live at Wigmore Hall that noon.

So i’ve just read a quick interview of Mitsuko Uchida somewhere… oh, here, where she talked about “reversed racism” and the fact that competition should be fair and offers should be for qualified candidates rather than “bending backward” to accommodate minorites… It’s a big subject i guess, but I’d say I disagree with her because that statement would work if the world is fair to start with and that everyone has equal opportunity from the time they were born. Of course it does not solve the obvious problems that sometimes people with less qualifications might be chosen above those who might be considered better… but again, equal opportunity is what we should be working for in this world in my opinion… I mention Mitsuko because i admire very much her arts, and that she’s actually on BBC-3 radio as well in a program conducted by Sir Colin Davis, which is coming next after Antonacci… ah, and have a visit to this concert by Veronique Gens as suggested over at Anik’s as well, very nice!

music to start friday

an aria i was searching for in my dream last night. must be coz i turned on La donna del lago with Barcellona (and DiDonato) 2 nights ago, but here it is:

“How sweetly my life passed at her side, she who gently responded to my love….”

music for the day

I went to bed this morning after seeing this

, and promptly had a dream chatting in Vivica Genaux! She was giving sort of a seminar in an old church and a few people stayed afterward to chat with her and she was super duper friendly (in the dream of course). I talked some nonsense to her and didn’t manage to tell her that she was the reason I got into opera in the first place :-).

knowing almost nothing about opera, this, for me, was a very good introduction: new modern staging, good singing and acting (sorry, but the traditional looking one w/ Frederica von Stade didn’t attract me for some reason…). anyhow, i really like this staging a lot, and the male choir was fantastic. It also got me started with youtube posting: (please excuse the terribly blurry video, was my first ever attempt to cut/paste/edit videos in ubuntu for youtube)
Start of Act I

onto dandini’s scene, quite charming i find:

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vivica genaux sings Händel in Wien

thanks to alert from fitzfulke over at Anik’s:

when: Sat Jan 15, 2011, 19h30 (Wien), 18h30 (London), 13h30 (EST), 10h30 (PST)
what: Händel: “Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno”
where: Großen Konzerthaussaal in Wien
who: (see pix above)
channel: Ö1

it’s same time with La Traviata from the MET, here‘s info. Luckily for us, both can be listened to on the net for 7 days after Saturday.

another tancredi i like

i did hear about this Tancredi before i discovered Vesselina Kasarova. back when i just discovered Vivica Genaux, I was scouring the internet for her white shirt recordings. first there was the elusive “i capuleti e i montecchi” which took me 1 year to find (and in the process i discovered this clip with Kasarova and Aliberti from Dresden). Then there’re snippet1 and snippet2 of her role debut of Tancredi in Vienna in 2009 upon which i discover this greaaaat opera. I reallllly like Tancredi, and wouldn’t say that i own all the recordings of it, but at least 3 so far. though i must say since i only listen to them, i vaguely know the story, and can’t even figure out which one is the happy or sad ending… nevertheless, the music alone is sufficient for now.
So, i just recently discovered that if you catch a clip on youtube with great sound, that means there was a radio recording captured somewhere! and voila, here’s the original Tancredi i was looking for.
Gioachino Rossini:
Melodramma eroico in two acts
Libretto: Gaetano Rossi
Tancredi — Vivica Genaux
Argirio — Colin Lee
Amenaide — Aleksandra Kurzak
Obrazzano — Konstantin Wolff
Isaura — Liora Grodnikaite
Roggiero — Ruby Hughes
Arnold Schönberg Chor (leader: Erwin Ortner)
Orchestre des Champs-Élysées
Conductor: René Jacobs
Budapest, 2009-10-26, Franz Liszt Academy of Music
*Hungarian premier of the opera
coproduction with the Theater an der Wien

Rene Jacobs is amazing. i ADORE the orchestra, the tempo. The singers are superb (though i really prefer Melinda Paulsen as Isaura). Here’s the overture and opening chorus.

Onto Aleksandra Kurzak singing Amenaide’s entrance aria

Vivica Genaux sings Tancredi’s entrace aria

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Vivica Genaux sings Cenerentola and more

more web-radio broadcast alert: Saturday Oct 16, 10am PST, 1pm EST.
This is a re-broadcast of the performance I attended back in May in DC. Sadly i’ll miss this radio-broadcast. Why do they choose when I travel to do this?? But, if you can catch her, she sang very nicely in that show; all six of us were impressed!

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