Nathalie Stutzmann video stream alert

yaaaaaaay, Nathalie Stutzmann conducted Händel Messiah last night (16/Dec/2017) in Götenborg (with K.Hammarström singing the mezzo part) and it was broadcast live in cinema across entire Sweden! (they really do it right with the broadcast, her Messiah is really something, now i can’t unhear it (the dynamics, am still so sad there was no radio broadcast of it back in 2014 in Paris or in DC in 2015), especially when now listening to other conductors… In any case it is now available for ONE WEEK beginning today here!

relatedly, she also conducted the same piece 2 weeks ago in Oslo, and there will also be a radio broadcast of that on 23/Dec/2017 at 1700GMT here.

monday music

oy, i actually woke up for a 9am class which i should have known about at the _beginning_ of semester… class was superb, and even more superb is this, yay

also, as i posted over at anik’s, there was a broadcast which i saw last week but missed, but can be re-listened to here. head over to Anik’s for looooovely photos + analysis of the performance.

ps- since the embedding is disabled, while you’re on that YT-ber’s channel, there’s also Anna Bonitatibus in that same concert… and of course we remember Bonitatibus and VK in _that_ other agrippina…

händel to start the night

Smorgy’s compilation including all videos + blogs.  read into the comment section for a translated review by Sergei too.
and Arashi‘s blog post on the experience.
and a playlist from smorgy of her concert in Moscow, clips courtesy of her fans dolchev and Deoniz. It’s so great she’s so genuine and relaxed in front of the camera. *love* the dress too! haven’t heard her sings Arsace (semiramide) or Farnace (Mitridate) since forever. not sure what all the comments this last year of her voice “problems” were about, she sounds off-the-chart gorgeous to me! link to Dolchev’s blog and Den!s’ blog.
here’s a 30min documentary of Frau Kasarova’s outing and rehearsal in moscow, much much thanks to Deoniz. Head over to his blog (link below on stroll through town) for more photos as well. she sounds soooo great, love the voice, the hand tapping to music, knees rocking, boots, you name it. she seems so comfortable there. Also heard her mentioning Lenin a couple of times at the Red Square :-). i was once there too and can recite a couple of Lenin songs… (btw, what’s with the male-only contingent?)
well, to my surprise it’s thursday! no, wait, it’s friday! y’all should try this sometimes, stay up 22-26 hours, sleep 10-14 hrs. it’s been quite an interesting 2 weeks, i have to constantly check date/time to figure out which day i’m in in case of meetings… BUT! paper is done! pending some last comments from co-authors, am ready to send it off. this long night will be dedicated to combing through everything spotting small mistakes.

And in case you are in the same boat as I am, not able to have a nice stroll through town with Frau Kasarova (!), we’ll just have to wait for reports from Moscow while going about our nights… I picked up a nice “small” pair of studio-recording speakers for the office. great replacement to the laptop’s head-ache inducing speakers. and just in time for Händel. One of the nicest things about recital cd of rare works is that you really get to explore different less-known operas/arias. I’ve been such a fan of a couple of tunes since the pick-up of sento brillar, and finally gotten around to hunt down a live recording of one of the operas: “Arianna in Creta”. As it turns out, this broadcast was on the EXACT day as the famous Agrippina tour to London, and BBC3 broadcasted one and not the other 😦 .

Here’s the first aria, fantastically playing currently on newly picked up speakers:

Onto the really cool tune which got me searching for the entire opera in the first place, with a chorus at the end:

Aria di Teseo………………………..Coro
Bella sorge la speranza……………Bella sorge la speranza
Lusinghiera nel mio seno………….Lusinghiera al nostro seno
Né fallace o menzognera…………Né fallace o menzognera
Più la crede il fido cor……………..Più la crede il nostro cor.
Già la calma io spero all’alma……Già la calma abbiam nell’alma
Né funesta ria tempesta………….Né funesta ria tempesta
Più rinnova il mio timor……………Più non teme il nostro amor.

rough (but good) translation:
The flattering hope rises beautifully in my breast,
the devoted heart no longer believes hope is deceptive or false
I wish my soul peace
I wish the soul
not even a disastrous, evil storm will renew my fear
nor will it renew my pain.

As it turns out, Händel used the same tune in another opera, “Oreste”, and in hunting down for that, i ran across this staging (which apparently got tons of boos) with german singing. who cares, there’s a nice whiteshirt, and the tune is irresistable still:

blu-ray or no blu-ray?

guess i have to go look at what a blu-ray player look like…

may be i can get a DVD and a blu-ray, DVD for now, blu-ray for future.

on a side note, i reallly really hope they use the radio recording for sound, because in case you didn’t notice, the sound is much more crisp on the radio than the video recording (as Eyes can confirm since we can all now establish my ears are shot).  and radio rec doesn’t have that annoying clap 1/2 way through Ah mio cor!  What it has instead is the curtain shutting down “BANG”, forever separating me from Alcina as i remained floored for months…

_more_ alcina previews

you think i have the whole opera memorized by now, every single note?
it’s so much more fun to share my joy and harteros-worship/awe with others.
update: here’s the playlist.
so, i’m in the middle of putting the whole thing into a playlist for easy access. Please come by carosaxone‘s channel and thank him/her properly for enabling us to share this gem
meanwhile, a few more links:

first, the wooonderful Les Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble + genius Marc Minkowski + fabulous violinist (please look here for his name) + Veronica Cangemi all in one (please don’t ignore the distraction at 5.08)

onto Harteros’ Ombra pallide (a post of Alcina is not complete without her

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alcina dvd preview

holy smoke, my morning just got tooootally distracted with news via smorgy…
here it is

update, here’s ah mio cor! (wow, that fall gets me everytime…)

Georg Friedrich Händel: ALCINA (Ouverture)

opening ballet

Di cor mio, quanto t’amai

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mozart for the day

after a long fun weekend with an over-dose of kids, i back in the office today. super quiet, just as i like it. music is blasting all around.  I’ve been feeling quite mozart-y this last few days thanks to a couple of full operas i just managed to get my hands on:

Arbate: Christine Weidinger
Aspasia: Arleen Augér
Sifare: Edita Gruberova
Farnace: Agnes Baltsa,
Ismene: Ileana Cotrubas,
Mitridate: Werner Hollweg
Marzio: David Kuebler
Conductor: Leopold Hager
Orchestra/Ensemble: Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra


Here’s the 1st sample, in the form of Arleen Auger and Gruberova:

while reading reviews on the above recording, i also ran across another recording with Kristina Hammarström that is recommended just because of her Farnace:

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youtube suggestions

i love that thing, “youtube suggests you should look at this”…
here’s what’s suggested to me, sooo great memories…
(many many thanks to TheLemonblossoms)

oh how i adore the way she holds the sword…

here’s the 2nd video (from TheLemonblossoms also)

and don’t forget tomorrow’s rebroadcast if you want to listen in again.  thanks DtO & Murielle for the link
here’s link to the player (i think), 19h05-23h CET
Concert donné le 20 novembre 2010 à l’Opéra d’Etat de Vienne
If the information above is true (20-nov), then the boy soprano is Alois Mühlbacher and not Shintaro Nakajima.
re-emission of this broadcast is available for 7-days here until Dec 25, 2010.

radio rebroadcast of alcina on Ö1

click here, then click on the button as shown below to listen to the rebroadcast of the 20-Nov-2010 “Alcina” from the Wiener Staatsoper. Broadcast remains available until this friday 26-Nov-2010. Thanks to Smorgy for the link.  You can follow along using Italian-English libretto here, or music sheets here.  If you want libretto in a different language, use this link.

alcina 3 and more

update: back from my 20-hr journey.  the rest of the report is now in below.
update2: loaded HD curtain call up now.

i hope everyone enjoyed the gem that i and a couple other privileged white shirts witnessed last night? but first, i must report the GREEEEATEST news, i wanted to shout sooo loud and share this with you all just as i bought my ticket:

YES, you see it right!, CAMERAS!!! MANY of them! right next to me.  they were taping last night Alcina for a DVD release!!!!

Last night was a special night.  fans from all over the world descended to Wien to witness magic at the Staatsoper.  Ruggiero was especially decked up, looking absolutely shiny and handsome for the white shirt release.  Did you notice the 2 long instrument-only passages at the beginning of the first act?  What you were missing on the radio were the too-beautiful-for-words exchanges of soft caresses and glances between Ruggiero and Alcina.  For our viewing pleasure, there were also two extra subtle scoop-me-up-off-the-floor-please kisses.  The fire was on.  It took a bit of time to warm up though, but by the time Alcina passed out on the stage floor and sent her heavenly voice hovering above with ah! mio cor, my heart dropped.  I was glued to my spot for 5 min as intermission rolled in, unable to move.  the crowd was roaring.
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