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view of charles river from office

A few things happened over the weekend, I booked my 1-way flight tix out of LA, sold my car (a quite worrisome experience), found a new home for the family cat, the process has begun. A friend mentioned she was a bit sad seeing my “1-way” message. It somehow reminded me of a somewhat (un)related time i had in Boston. Boston is an interesting city, people come and go in flux. A long time ago, i fell head over heel in love with a woman there. We introduced ourselves at the top of the mountain after 5 hrs hiking, and the following few months, whenever i showed up for a free classical music concert at the New England Conservatory, she was there! So naturally we became good friends (until this day, i attended her wedding just this past summer). A couple of days before leaving Boston to go back to her country, she suggested that since we had similar taste of music, i might like “this”, and loaned me a 3-cd box set of vocal music. “You can keep it until when you come to visit me”, she said. Before that, my only exposure to that genre was Beethoven #9 Choral and some extracts from the Amadeus soundtrack. Have you ever been hooked to a very long piece of music after only listening to 1 extract? On a very cold winter sunday morning, I brought the cd-box to the office, took out 1 random cd, and this came up

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