Vagaus triumphans

Amanda Forsythe made a triumphant return to Jordan Hall last night, delivering a world-class level “Armatae Face, Et Anguibus” that brought the house down. It was impressive. I sat there grinning at the luxury of having experienced *that* live while my friend rave about the amazing momentum she built and interaction with the orchestra to strengthen the ramping up of tension. (So this is the right place to mention she will be here again with a baroque band for a recital that i would miss (GRRRRRR), but i was very sure to pass on the information to my friend who is very enthusiastic to learn more, if she can get a ticket.)

But before “Armatae Face..”, she was already hogging the stage with her recitative phrasing and “communicative” skill. This is a very short write-up of my experience hearing Vivaldi “Juditha Triumphans” live for the first time.
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