the other Juditha

music for the the early schedule. I quite like waking up early enough to see early sunlight slowly creeping in before filling the entire living space, now that all the trees are leaf-free. and, some music of course, on the nice speakers, all before needing to pack and head for the office. I really like the “swinging” feeling in Mozart’s music, something we hear all the time especially in all his earlier operas. And it’s a treat hearing SM’s phrasing within it. This was from a radio broadcast a while back in Wien:

(there are several more clips from the same broadcasts, all on operabaroque channel . I especially like “Del pari infeconda” also, and have downloaded it for the phone. Though strangely I don’t hear the Mozart swing as much in that as the one posted here.)

music to start night shift

need some music to get out of bed 😀

i have a meeting at 2pm this week and still unsure if i need to shove forward so as to still be awake at 2pm by Wed or fall backward so as to wake up before 2pm.. there’s also this business of making sure to wake up either before midnight when shops still open or shop before midnight to make sure waking up at 5am with some food.. Finally the complication of boba milktea only available *after* 12.30pm!!

On plate for tonight: may be Arabella.. though I must admit every time the play button was hit on above clip i ended up sitting for 2 hours non-stop.. can’t wait for boston baroque’s take in Oct.

(ps- Stray, this is my not so subtle attempt to infiltrate you with this piece to ensure memorization by heart by Oct 😉 )