mozart into the night

never mind this crazy schedule i got myself into where i can barely wake up in time for the late matches from Germany. But now we have a pause! time to fill in the night with mozart. This entire recording has been playing on repeat on my machine since that cool voice-recognition test from Eyes. Today i paused a bit to try to figure out why I like it so much, 2 things stood out: the English baroque orchestra and Julia Varady! and that very nice Tito and Sesto, though I admit I’m still having such a hard time telling Sesto (Anne Sofie von Otter) and Vitellia (Julia Varady) apart. Without libretto, see if you can distinguish them in this niiice duet to start the opera.

onto the lovely Vitelia (must be my ears, she sounds just like ASvO for me, at times a bit darker. and she seems to be able to hit even lower note than ASvO (see link @ bottom of this post))

and the super nice orchestra (soo like!! superb tempto too)

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