ow wuldn it b lovvvly

happy May everyone! somehow the beginning of the year is zoooming by at lighting speed… though we STILL don’t have leaves on trees yet!!! which means i _still_ not out of the wood hiding.. lasted the month of april with ninja mask looking conspicuous on the street.. Anywho, i discovered the trees are probably 25% of my trouble, the other 75% is the AC.. got a nasty dosage of it in DC a bit over a week ago in a superbly productive meeting.. and i still (maybe) recovering… maybe coz i might have to go under the med as soon as tomorrow… damn AC…
So, partly due to that i’ve been avoiding going outside until them flowers gone.. and thus missed a bunch of very nice concerts including *this* one (check out all the lovely instruments behind her! though wouldn’t have made it due to meeting in DC)

©Clive Granger

Jennifer Rivera as Penelope, Boston Baroque ©Clive Granger

Unrelatedly, thanks to Stray i’ve been treated to a nice dosage of looovely Countess from a certain MET radio broadcast from looong time ago… and while waiting for the next batch, i browsed yt for some other take and ended up here (actually it was this song that got me watching the entire Vivica Genaux’ “voice from the cold” movie that started my opera passion…).  Anyhow, wonderful music to start May! (and my first krack at Dame Kiri!)