music for sandy

i’ve gone underground again thanks to meeting, but did have a very nice time listening to bells on tower, even got to ring the “back-stroke” of it! took some very nice photos too, may be after meeting (if i can get there…) will put up pix somewhere. so while producing slides and listening to winds (and tracking whose flights are/were canceled…) i’ve gone through quite a few very nice full concerts/operas listed on YT. highly recommend is this fantastic piccolo (is it?) concerto:

Also gone through a full version with Manca di Nissa, really like her voice, but that orchestra is a little bit too smooth (too romantique?). currently onto this one, Magdalena Kozena has a realllly nice voice, though i most of the time looking away from screen (in recital above) to not get distracted by her facial expression… and speaking of expression, what is the director asking the singers to do here?? they sort of look like in those mime shows…