playlist continued…

we have a holiday on monday (Patriot day i think, when the Boston marathon will take place, speaking of Boston marathon, did you know about this story?) So, not sure what schedule i on but fully awake here in the office to beeeaaaaautiful sunrise. Today we shall have 25°C with 50-71% humidity

Anyhow, i’ve digested so far this weekend TWO full Don Carlo (munich 2012 and ROH 2008 from previous post), a chopped up version of Clemenza, which i might write up at some point…, and now completely immersed in the rabbit!! Patience is a virtue indeed, 2 years ago i sooooo searching for this *live* broadcast unsuccessfully due to geo-blocking, only to now getting it, all thanks to Eyes’ post on Harnoncourt (very cool interview indeed!) that sent the search  machine forward. So here it is, lady and gents, the rabbit! (do continue until she finishes singing, wow!! ps- as a right-hander, i can’t help but concerned very much with her holding _that_ cleaver with the left hand…)

and here she is again, making a run on the moon.