trip report

some random thing, i had a dream last night staying at my dear friend’s place in Munich, saw Frau Harteros in the exact Leonora dress walking down the street to the place *next door*!!!, then bid goodbye to another good friend who i missed seeing last month due to snow storm.. she’s moving back to Moscow at the end of the month so seems to be entering sub-conciously..

Munich was a very very nice and special trip for many reasons, especially the opportunity to see those who make me happy. Also had an opportunity to visit an art museum which i must admit to really enjoy, it’s always nice to have someone explaining a bit what you’re looking at. This past weekend I spent de-bugging time listening and sending this around to introduce friends to Frau Harteros.

year-2014 report

year-2014 report

If one has a long-lasting memory of a certain event in life, for me it was the jet-lagged afternoon stumbling in sweat into the Bayerische Staatsoper in May 2012 and experiencing VK live singing Romeo. (In case you are curious, a related life-long memory was the moment Frau Harteros opened her phrase in Wien.) Waaaaay back when first discovered opera, I left what must be my first ever comment on dame Purity’s site proclaiming i’d come anytime VK sing in trouser, to which Purity replied the VK-Händel effect on her is such that she would come to *any* VK performance. At the time i thought that was a bit extreme, surely would i care at all if VK sings Helene in a dress… Fast-forward to 2012, witnessing her sing Romeo, and subsequently hearing radio broadcast of la Mort de Cleopatre from Salzburg, followed by video stream of Il pianto di Maria in Helsinki, I reached the same conclusion: when she sings, but especially in baroque, I clear my schedule.
I have the feeling now talking to a few people that there are 2 group-of-opinions, one that relies mostly on her recordings and one that attends many of her live concerts/performances. One of the most rewarding conversations I had this trip in Munich was with S, a devout VK’s fan 🙂 . Of course since we’re devout worshipers, one could say we agree with each other ;-). We talked about everything VK-related, her voice, her repertoire, her schedule, differences between performances 1-day apart, especially why one day it didn’t work and yet suddenly the next it was magic. That is the nature of “live” i supposed. But i really understand her and Purity well, in that we hear deeply what we internally search for when listening to VK live. There are roles we never understand the meaning until when she takes over, arias we never manage to connect until suddenly we hear the point in her expression. My flight back to boston was surprisingly *very* long so i let the playlist flushed without picking/choosing, and inevitably am deeply touched again by the “simple” thing such as this, which really makes you pause and gain the deeper understanding of the phrasing. For me, I don’t know what each of her live performance will be like, hit or miss, who knows, but this feeling is worth searching for (for myself).

(the whole thing is here).
VK is singing a veeeery niiiiice and long list of Händel’s arias at a festival in Karlsruhe this coming 2/March, and i very sad to not be able to attend. Technically i could still attempt to jet from somewhere in middle of the US in middle of a meeting for just 1-day to hear her live singing Händel, perhaps I should.. in the meantime, i thought it’s interesting to have these two in parallel, primarily because when first heard her sing in Helsinki, I thought the section around min 1.20 (1.35 in 2nd clip) was rather strange and self-wondered how other singers would maneuver it. Here, for your entertainment, i quite enjoy both, especially when they took the note and ascend at around minute 02.24 (02.54 in 2nd clip).

Helsinki, 6/jun/2012, radio broadcast, Vesselina Kasarova

Misteria Paschalia Festival, 25/mar/2013, radio broadcast, Sara Mingardo