orfeo ed euridice @ NEC

had a very very very nice time last night @ the NEC with their lovely semi-staged production of Orfeo ed Euridice. I was gonna write up my impression, but have decided to listen to it again! here it is, music for the evening.


I remember loooooving the orchestra and regretted Euridice’s part was too short… and liking quite a bit the chorus… then onto mezzo + Amore. all-in-all, very very very nice evening. will write later after re-listening (while wrestling Atlantic ocean as always…)

(Wanted to listen first to see if my visual was biasing my impression… and another opportunity to re-listen to the singers…)

starting October…

so, just slept for 10 hrs!! for the first time in a long while, i literally fell asleep at the keyboard while poor colleague on other side of continent uploading files… before taking 24hr flight to other side of Atlantic… and leaving rest of us on east coast with quite few green things in throat…

But it was done! Had first game of football yesterday too, now body aching and eyes swollen from too much sleep. only quibble about long sleep was the constant dreaming of another proposal deadline in 1 wk + back on ship packing frantically…

So, here’s to resuming “normal” life

I wanted to listen to many of her works, but accidentally come across this. By the quality of the sound, you know there’s a full recording somewhere!!! and it must have been a full performance! coz u don’t gather full orchestra + full chorus and ACA wouldn’t sing the entire tomb scene for just that, would she? hunting time begins…

Also, in case you happen to be in the Boston vicinity this coming Wednesday Oct 10, come to the NEC for a niiiice performance of GLuck’s Orfeo ed Euridice, this time with a mezzo-Orpheus, yay! and FREE too. Am quite looking forward, nothing nicer than Jordan Hall with choose-your-own-seats to start td’s music season!

News elsewhere, Vivica Genaux made her debut as Carmen in France, anyone has a chance to find out how it went (Yvette? 🙂 ). VK is singing Romeo soon… H&H society is making their season debut w/ Bach Magnificat, but I’ve been sitting on decision to go, again because it’s in gigantic symphony hall… and waaay forward to Dec, Dec 13 to be exact, Andreas Scholl is giving a free master-class at Jordan Hall at NEC! Surely he’s here for some other performance as well? Would love to find out what that is…

edit: more pieces found on YT, still hunting for whole performance, it’s :
Romeo: Anna Caterina Antonacci – Giulietta: Olga Peretyatko – Direttore: Evelino Pidò – Paris, live TCE 11.11.2011, with review. if you find, plllease send my way 🙂

going underground

to do some more serious writing (of academic type, wish i can write fictions and poetry…), which means another visit to the english grammar. Reading that reminds me of the various ??? (accusative vs. something-dative) a friend was explaining while attempting to teach me some basic german grammar. Given i had such a hard time getting what he was saying, the conclusion (by me) is that a child should learn the most complex language from the beginning, just so you can understand these various definitions. coz like me, growing up with a language which doesn’t need conjugation, no singular/plural, no past/present/future tenses, they’re true headaches… of course these are also just simply excuses… i still have ambition to learn German down the line… there’s of course that book to motivate after all : – ).

So, rambling. anyhow, whenever am in office for some serious writing, that moscow trip comes to mind again… along with thoughts of what music one should listen for the rest of the long night… Am thinking Händel again (got that dvd w/ VK and the puppet show in Barcelona sitting here…), though somehow this aria is serious sticking in the head the last whole week. i’ve posted before. she has such an interesting voice. At first, the ears are adjusting, while brain discriminantly (biasedly) trying to find a reason why she doesn’t fit this or that mold or why she’s not singing the same as your favorite singer(s)… but after 3 phrases in, the brain just settles to completely enjoying…

Händel might still come later…
edit: here comes Händel a few days later, i love this very very short tune with chorus. In fact, that’s the way Händel draws me in i think, a very lovely overture, then finale chorus, so must stay until the end. and that’s how you get everything else in between by “accident” :-).

music to start the week

hurra, finally a full recording with Anne Sofie von Otter! Actually i’ve listened to some of her recordings but much prefer (as always) live recordings. The same yt-ber also uploaded that full version of mozart mass in c minor with her and Barbara Bonney. anywho, here’s _again_ berlioz’ “La damnation de faust”, picking up at lovely female chorus entrance:

more chance to explore some of those singers a bit before my (opera) time, yay. I quite enjoyed Georg Solti’s take. just barely making it to the Hungarian March, and continuing forward… This is one of the few works I “addicted” to.

(ps- it almost looked like the PROMS, until the german subtitles appear…)

ASvO made her entrance @ 1hr10min07sec, what a voice!!
back after 3rd round, this time with time tag:
@1hr38m45s = entrance to D’amour l’ardente flamme
really like overall tempo + all singers

more broadcasts…

first up, music for the evening:

that was the tune that immediately hooked me to “opera” path… actually the more i listen, the more i’m amazed with her tone.
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VK interview 2004

1.7 yr after moving here, the office is still a big mess with _all_ papers piled up in 1 stack. while digging through the whole thing looking for 2 particular articles (which i amazingly located), i also came across this interview, hidden amongst Pacific Water-themed articles. I’ve decided to scan it in because it’s soo insightful. here’s a clip, click on that photo for the pdf scan (thanks Smorgy for original article).

more broadcasts

First up, today’s broadcast at 8PM EST from vivalavoce, a non-disturbing night in office to Nathalie Stutzmann and Bernarda Fink and Marc Minkowski, yay:

Click here for the stream at 8pm.

Some more broadcasts I saw scattering on internet:
Nina Stemme’s recital tomorrow at 1730GMT from Stockholm. That should be 1330PM EST, 30-Aug-2012.


This next one is going to be hard for me: Patrizia Ciofi and Laura Polvereli duet recital (anyone remember that lovely whiteshirt video broadcast from Liege??, think i saw it 6x total…, oh Ciofi…) on 31-Aug-2012 at 1030GMT from Montpellier (0630 EST!!, argh).

There’s also Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto live at 1800GMT (1400EST) here.

Finally, if you don’t own Kasarova’s “I capuleti e I montecchi” recording, you can listen for free courtesy of the Seattle Opera Broadcast on 1-Sept-2012 at 8PM PST (11PM EST), info here.