stream alert

now, orfeo ed euridyce on medici tv:

Edit: running commentary
* came in just at the end of “amour viens rendre a mon âme” (equiv in italian…)
* the hell scene was *great*!!
* now intermission.. my browser sooo old and messed up every time playing flash is a challenge.. now it’s working except can’t find mute button, so one gets to hear very nicely how a harpsichord is tuned 🙂 . oh, now the oboist is practicing some tune…, along with drum…
* I LOOOOOVE when the orchestra is tuning, sooo much suspension + anticipation, wonderfulness of “live” experience
* suuuuuper lovely flute.., annnnnnd greeeeeat strings accompanying!
* orchestra sound sooo gorgeous, ❤ ❤ ❤ , so many layers, small details
* NOW OBOE!!! “Quel nouveau ciel pare ces lieux” (Italian version..)
( oh no, someone knocking on office door…. go away.. do not disturb me during this scene!!!)
* gosh, i particularly looooove this whole section in the piece… waoooooooow it’s beautiful
* from now on, when i rave about orchestra, this is what i mean, let’s just make a copy of this whole scene… (at this point we ought to mention Laurence Equilbey? 🙂 )

how to play soft

how to play soft

* ok, i can’t get the tune out of head, and for me this opera is distinctively ingrained in brain in french for some reason, it just fits the music so much more natural! so, how about an audio of lovely section mentioned above, but with Stéphanie D’Oustrac, en français, naturellement.

music into the night

note the absolute lack of content recently :-), i’ve been working very hard, cancelling all traveling plans for thanksgiving and xmas… not sure how yet to survive in the deserted town… but, finally there’s progress! loads of looking at Atlantic to finally realizing it was the Pacific that’s been troubles all along… so, i’ve missed a TON of local performances… but to my delight, the NEC has its own YT channel !! and they’ve uploaded some reallly nice concerts which i’ve heard live and have been re-listening many times this year…

so, here’re a couple of clips to start sunday (very late) evening:

duet mezzo to woodwinds:

duet violin + viola (looove the viola’s sound)

more links of that Orfeo ed Euridice can be seen at the NEC channel, including Amore & duet.  starting the week in style, yay.