music to start friday

(then do rewind to the beginning!)
(ps- i’ve just sat through a recent “Orphée et Eurydice” on ARTE and realized how “low” this role is.. and was reminiscing VK and how she hit her low notes.. and felt it is a must to revisit the period when mezzos were flourishing and stomping the ground!!)

stream alert

now, orfeo ed euridyce on medici tv:

Edit: running commentary
* came in just at the end of “amour viens rendre a mon âme” (equiv in italian…)
* the hell scene was *great*!!
* now intermission.. my browser sooo old and messed up every time playing flash is a challenge.. now it’s working except can’t find mute button, so one gets to hear very nicely how a harpsichord is tuned 🙂 . oh, now the oboist is practicing some tune…, along with drum…
* I LOOOOOVE when the orchestra is tuning, sooo much suspension + anticipation, wonderfulness of “live” experience
* suuuuuper lovely flute.., annnnnnd greeeeeat strings accompanying!
* orchestra sound sooo gorgeous, ❤ ❤ ❤ , so many layers, small details
* NOW OBOE!!! “Quel nouveau ciel pare ces lieux” (Italian version..)
( oh no, someone knocking on office door…. go away.. do not disturb me during this scene!!!)
* gosh, i particularly looooove this whole section in the piece… waoooooooow it’s beautiful
* from now on, when i rave about orchestra, this is what i mean, let’s just make a copy of this whole scene… (at this point we ought to mention Laurence Equilbey? 🙂 )

how to play soft

how to play soft

* ok, i can’t get the tune out of head, and for me this opera is distinctively ingrained in brain in french for some reason, it just fits the music so much more natural! so, how about an audio of lovely section mentioned above, but with Stéphanie D’Oustrac, en français, naturellement.

music for the weekend

another set of music to “start” an ambitious weekend at work wrestling with “imaginary” signals 🙂

I must thank Smorgie and S. from munich for providing the absolutely fantastic material. I have had it for a long time and most of it was posted on YT.. until last week when *the* one and only fantastic Smorgie channel with 70% or so of VK clips was wiped out by yt.. which gave a chance to address this the dvd again. Please feel free to translate in the 2nd part where she discusses things in between singing :-).

1. händel alcina: mi lusinga il dolce affetto
2. händel solomon, overture
3. händel alcina: sta nell’ircana
4. mozart la clemenza di dito, parto parto, ma tu ben mio
5. rossini tancredi, o patria.. di tanti palpiti
6. gluck ophée et euridyce, amour, viens rendre a mon âme
7. händel ariodante, scherza infida
8. mozart la clemenza di tito, deh per questo instanto solo
9. händel alcina, verdi prati
10.rossini tancredi, Perchè turbar la calma

Some running commentary:
– her voice was realllly in top form during this period!
– i *love* the “B” section in Sta nel’ircana, just *love* it.
– would have muuuch preferred a proper baroque orchestra with a conductor who can really bring out the vivid characters in the music. This one is moving like a mass…
– this is still by far my favorite “scherza infida”… just absolutely heartbreaking..
– i looove her hair 😀 (note resistance on discussion about *the* suit ;-))
– WAAAOO, that “deh per questo..” is great, forgot for a moment i was watching! spent all time thinking of the pooor Sesto… these lingering soft notes she carries… waaaaooo

Some technical details: you might hear *several* (probably 4-6) split-second interuptions.. this is due to what am given, most importantly the fact that it is in dvd format: this format chops up sections according to 1GB cut-off without any regard for what it cuts (middle of aria..) . That and the combination of original video which somehow was rendered differently in dvd-1 vs dvd-2… just took forever to put together hence I’ve been sitting on for a long time.. ANYHOW, IF you hear the interuption and can put down the exact time, i can attempt to fix (cut off 1/10sec perhaps) at a later time and repost…