trời đánh tránh* Roméo

i have a dilema
that “I capuleti e i montecchi” I’ve been waiting for for more than 2 years, after missing VK last april and having to give away tix last july, finally am given *two* tickets: 1 good seat on premiere night and 1 standing tix on 2nd night with very limited view, which just arrived in the mail today. great!

a very very good friend’s wedding is on the premiere night!!! in germany no less, which might have made the dash wedding to munich quite possible?? nope. (1) wedding is in the country side; (2) it’s on the single day of the week where there’s _no_ hourly flight from airport near that country-side to Munich. Options are (a) give up ticket for premiere night to join very very good friend for his wonderful day + seeing his family + child + possibly see other very very good friends from grad school year; (b) leave JUST BEFORE the wedding to make a frantic dash for the airport to arrive 1 hour before premiere; (c) leave 1 hr immediately after ceremony (miss reception + gatherings + hang out with friends) to make a dash for airport to catch Act II of premiere night. all this dashing, quite possibly i’d end up mất cả chì lẫn chài** as we say in vietnamese. and one wonders where my priorities are…

* God dare not disturb; interfering/disrupting “crime”, punished by lightning strike
** perdre capital et intérêt, lose hook, line and sinker

ps- oh, oops, there’s also option (d): skip wedding…