Sandrine Piau at Wigmore Hall


We excitedly showing up at Wigmore hall, too excited in fact, 1/2 hour early, and had to walk around the block to cool down while discussing how excited I was to finally hear Ann Hallenberg for the first time and that she must already be in the hall warming up her voice… Well, first I was surprised they gave us a “program” sheet! Then saw “Sandrine Piau”!! and thought oh? are we at the right place? is she duetting with Ann ? then the little note that Ann is sick.. oh well I will try to catch her next time then.. but we were NOT complaining at all!! especially after reading Anik’s post just last month, and re-hearing her as Dalinda in the 2014 Aix’s Ariodante. Perhaps 2016 is really a soprano year after all 😉 . I admit to getting distracted in the past to her facial expression while singing… but that’s just something you have to get used to, and often much easier to do live than on zoom-in versions (I got past VK’s facial expression extremely quickly once seeing her Ruggiero live..)

Sandrine Piau
Christophe Rousset
Michel Pignolet de Montéclair: Morte di Lucrezia
Arcangelo Corelli: Trio Sonata in D minor Op. 3 No.5
Domenico Scarlatti: Cantata: Tinte a note di sangue
Antonio Vivaldi: Trio Sonata in D minor Op. 1 No. 12 “La Follia”
Georg Frideric Händel: Cantata: Notte placida e cheta HWV142
Händel: Piangerio la sorte mia (Cleopatre)
Händel: Tornami a vagheggiar (Morgana)

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