music to start the week

a weekend of 20+ hrs awake followed by 10+ hrs sleeping, and here we are, wiiide awake at 10am to start the week . I lied about writing up on Orfeo after all, did spend all of my weekend working (and sleeping) instead (it usually takes up a bit of time for me to write…) but pretty much was summed up in my 2 line impressions… and I did re-listen to it 4x, really like the orchestra!

anyhow, during the weekend, i saw this clip again

and thought i should really catch on to Simone Kermes, coz generally whatever I heard from her I like… and it turned out she was on radio live earlier today, duetting with Sonia Prina, still available for re-listen the next 7 days at Ö1-radio

Done with radio concert, the last aria was great fun, the audience joined in clapping mad. So i now off to search for her on YT singing Mozart and Handel, here’s mozart live, and handel, like!

playlist for weekend

starting with

which came from this AIDS-Gala 2011 concert happening last week in Berlin. The duet features the 2 main singers in the recent BBC-3 radio broadcast listed over at Eyes, which I now done listening. It sounds really like Rossini’s La Cenerentola. At the end of that performance was 2 really beautiful arias sung by Simone Kermes.

Currently on the playlist is the Lunch Program on BBC-3 radio last week by Anna Caterina Antonacci, really wonderful. I’d recommend the entire program, nothing beats piano and voice in intimate setting, *love*. Think i’ve also read a raving review somewhere, probably by Intermezzo who went to see her live at Wigmore Hall that noon.

So i’ve just read a quick interview of Mitsuko Uchida somewhere… oh, here, where she talked about “reversed racism” and the fact that competition should be fair and offers should be for qualified candidates rather than “bending backward” to accommodate minorites… It’s a big subject i guess, but I’d say I disagree with her because that statement would work if the world is fair to start with and that everyone has equal opportunity from the time they were born. Of course it does not solve the obvious problems that sometimes people with less qualifications might be chosen above those who might be considered better… but again, equal opportunity is what we should be working for in this world in my opinion… I mention Mitsuko because i admire very much her arts, and that she’s actually on BBC-3 radio as well in a program conducted by Sir Colin Davis, which is coming next after Antonacci… ah, and have a visit to this concert by Veronique Gens as suggested over at Anik’s as well, very nice!