tchaikovsky piano concerto #1 @ NEC

Starting out niiice week of music with Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto. Actually they also played Beethoven’s symphony #1 but must admit i completely unfamiliar with it to say much.. but knowing lots of duet piano with woodwinds, of course first row side balcony is the place to be:


So, i must admit somehow I couldn’t hear the soft piano playing bit (hence shaping of the phrases) very well, not sure if it’s because i too close to side violins.. so perhaps wait a bit for them to upload the performance and have a listen to the “real” recording to get the impression… so besides a note of how superbly nice it is to be back again in such a concert hall and have access to this quality of music for free, i’ll offer instead Martha Argerich for discussion! And promptly, we’re going to start with duet:

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sumi jo and tomomi nishimoto in concert

It takes a special woman to get me to trek the distance.  In this case we have two! Being asian, admittedly a bit biased, I feel drawn to support fellow asians who have made it far in their respective careers, especially female asians.  Let’s face it, there are so few asian singers in the operatic world.  And when it comes to conductors..  Tomomi Nishimoto alone would get me to the concert. But with Sumi Jo! A soprano voice i actually quite like for bel canto.

So i  was debating hard… then the morning of the concert, I woke up to find they had released tons of cheaper* tickets (WHO was holding on to those and prevented the general public from buying??? I want to know.)  Got myself one but didn’t manage to convince more people to come.  Let me just say it was quite a 1.5+hr trek across town and traffic.  I made it just 7 min late.

The program:
J. STRAUSS JR. Selections from Die Fledermaus
DELL’ACQUA Villanelle
VERDI Selections from La Traviata
TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 5

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music for the afternoon

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