music to start weekend

the laptop failed catastrophically yesterday, but super luckily i managed a complete back-up… took nearly 18 hours painstakingly slow cleaning + backing.. and I so sleepy last thursday and thought “nah, let’s continued tomorrow..”, good thing i didn’t because it has not turned on since! A little note as well to those who *love* the 1-touch back-up thingy specific to whichever operating system you’re using: it only works if your back-up laptop is of the same system! In fact a friend was laughing at me for (1) reformating half of the external hard-drive to FAT and (2) patientlly backing up folders by folders into it in addition to the 1-touch thingy.. in fact she laughed so hard i myself got confused as to why i bothered doing it.. until yesterday when all was lost and i super stoked to realize the ubuntu/window-xp 2007 back-up laptop can read FAT, yay!!! Yes dear readers, always partition 1/2 of your hard-drive to FAT, the universal format readable by ALL things. Anyhow, long story short, i’ll be on this ubuntu thingy for a short while.. and re-learning how to even do the simple thing like listening to a youtube video! So, here’s music to start the adventurous weekend while i enjoying some fresh papaya for breakfast and wrestling proposal deadlines with 2007 technology, this thing probably weights 5kg!
Edit: i did succeed turning on that Paris 2000 L’italiana in Algeri!! replacing photo now with somethin gmuch more appropriate 😉 Screenshot from 2015-08-01 16:01:06
(the music is very nice if you do click on it.. i finally figured out how to play video.. though that new/old VK’s L’Italiana in Algeri from Paris 2000 on VK’s fb site is refusing to play so far..)

it works!

sort of. so i managed to catch a cold in this strange weather (was in meeting yesterday so couldn’t capture on video, but we were all pausing at various times looking out that fantastic window view to sun-shining to cloudy to down pouring + thunder + lighting to back to clearing all within 1 hour…) Anywho, instead of resting this sore throat, i’ve been bugged a bit by problematic sound capturing things. why is it soo difficult, i wonder, to be able to just capture the sound from the internal system of a computer? clearly, the sound comes in from somewhere, can’t we just pipe it directly to a recorder? The problem seems even more complicated to capture “pictures” and sound at the same time… It seems like a paid product might be the way to proceed, $20 for ishowu i think…

but! i did make an effort! here‘s the result! i quite proud of this actually, given that i had to completely reinstall ubuntu on my personal laptop, then fiddled around for ages… in the end, it seems at least smaller pictures are possible… the sound was absolute crap just because it refuses to see the internal sound and insists on capturing via the input microphone… but no fear, i used an external clip from 3 days ago, with some quite detailed timing (down to 0.2 sec!), to produce the above product. doesn’t seem sustainable, but can be pet project for anyone curious in sorting out pictures + audio… still on list of things to do: a) crop clip, b) sort out how to capture audio properly at the same time w/ pictures… time to sleep.
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my favorite walk

Happy to report I figure out how to make an HD video (!) just in time to post a slideshow of my favorite walk along the Charles esplanade (I think you have to click on the 720p in resolution to get HD, default is 360p.)

ubuntu script:
ffmpeg -r 0.216 -i MyPicture/pix_%2d.jpg -vcodec dnxhd -b 18000000 -s 1280×720 -aspect 16:9 -i Track7.wav -acodec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:07:18.38 myslideshow.avi
(-r 0.216 –> 1/.216 = 4.63 sec / picture)

một công vạn chuyện (one effort billions accomplishments)

The equivalent saying in english is “kill 2 birds with 1 stone”, but… why would you want to kill birds? and why start a saying with “kill” anyway??  so i think the vietnamese version is more appropriate here.  Anyhow, first, the end result:

It’s a simple slide show of some random pictures (of my latest hiking trip) to a _beautiful_ soundtrack of Frau Kasarova and Frau Gruberova duett.  It did take me 5+ hours to accomplish, and in the process I achieved several goals, Read more of this post