norway vs denmark

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sweden vs germany

euro-2013 women football semifinal, currently playing
wooooow, it’s exciting… will have some live commentary here…

one can’t take the eyes off the screen, madness running from both sides… a very good early chance for Öqvist… they both play similar style of firing long passes… which is big contrast to the French/Spanish style…
a VERY good chance for Laudehr, but a terrible shot..
1-0 Germany on a toe-line extension from a VERY good pass from Mittag!! that Swedish defense has been a bit shaky…
WOOOW, a great pass right across german goal… but no reciever…
WOOOOOW, a nice pass from Schellin into penaly area but just a bit off… this has got the be one of the most exciting match i’ve seen… freestyle sprinting and attack from all sides…
WOOOW, ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC save by swedish goalie, madness scrambling in front of sweden goal
Fischer lucky not to get a yellow or a penalty… dangerous free kick for germany…
did i miss something? why did Laudehr get a yellow??

Absolute frantic pace… Sweden need to settle down a bit…
1/2 time! i go find a drink to cool down!

2nd half! let’s see if me heart can take… here’s to sweden putting together a nice run…

the last line passing from Sweden is not very good, they’re very fast, but the passing is just not accurate enough…

gosh, they really ned to improve their passing…

frankfurt vs potsdam, part II

missed the live match and am currently watching replay for the entire thing. but first a detour, had yet another dream chatting with frau K last night :-D, must be after watching that meisterklasse of hers. this time it was at one of her handel recitals (2nd time i heard her singing that aria in dream!) and we had some nice discussion again on her walk back to the subway heading for the airport! these dreams clearly reflected vhat i normally watch just before zzz, given that a month ago i had yet another chat in dream with vivica genaux about copy-rights of her documentary “a voice out of the cold” on youtube :-). Anyhow, within my group of (in)finite german-speaking friends, i’ve just found another one who promised to translate that whole meisterklasse, hooray. at least now we understand why she “looks” like she’s smiling sometimes when singing very sad phrases, i have already guessed many times it’s her ways of using the face muscles, but it’s great to finally see how she explained it during that Sesto aria, very nice! (click on image for video of masterclass)

Sarò qual più ti piace

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frankfurt vs potsdam

clik on the image for link to the player

so, _that_ long paper, which i was working on during VK’s Moscow trip, came back with some good news. but it needs some more editing with very tight deadline. 13 more points to address and counting down… i now on switched schedule again and in hiding to work on paper round 3.  this of course takes up all my free time so you won’t get to hear much about my GREAT trip to Sanders Theater to hear local bass Dana Whiteside and others singing Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis… or my other niiiiice trip to Jordan Hall to hear Bach Mathäus Passion with the Boston Cecilia singers…. I did shake hands finally with Dana Whiteside and told him how much I appreciate his singing in my intro to Mahler; he seemed pleased :-).

anywho, the purpose of this post is for the game on Sunday between 1.FFC Frankfurt and 1.FFC Turbine Potsdam at 14h CET (i think, is Germany on CET ?) = 8AM EST = 5AM PST!  I haven’t talked much about Frankfurt even though I’m quite a fan of the team and have followed them quietly.  They haven’t done so well lately, partly due to a series of injuries.  The passing is nowhere near the level of Potsdam’s (I’m also quite a fan of the team given how beautiful they play).  Let’s not forget the play of Añonma, she alone is worth watching the game! (I hope they spell her name correctly now on the shirt… i even heard the German commentator calling her a-No-ma thanks to the misspelling…)

So, schedule is reversed such that I should have no problem watching the game tomorrow/today. Do swing by to chat along if you have a chance and want to see Jessica Landström, Garefrekes, and Co. vs Bianca Schmidt, Babett Peter, Genoveva Añonma and Co.

Finally, music to start the editing night.  I’m now also a fan of Andreas Scholl.  He has this very subtle way to expressing the emotions in these choral works.  Am still miffed he was here last month just when i had to be away.  For sure next time he’s here i’ll get tix to hear live.

post world cup

hah, i on europe-time zone again! just in time to catch 1.FFC Frankfurt “live”, can you believe. Here’s info from a blog i’ve been following:

Watch 1. FFC Frankfurt against Essen-Schönebeck live today at 11:15 (german time) here ( )

Watch Turbine Potsdam against Hamburger SV or VfL Wolfsburg against SC 07 Bad Neuenahr live today at 14:00 (german time) here:

That’s today, 21-Aug-2011. who’s on 1.FFC Frankfurt team you ask? why of course Kerstin Garefrekes! but also many players from the German national team, Jessica Landström (clearly that report was old as she’s not playing in US) and Sara Thunebro from the Swedish nation team, Ali Krieger from the US team, and Saki Kumagai from world champion Japanese team. I a bit sad Birgit Prinz is retired. The few games I’ve seen her playing, her passing was very nice. I always know her as a scorer but have new respect for her passing game too.

oh, and last last week, i did catch Aye Sameshima here in Boston too!

Boston Breakers: Lauren Cheney (8-US), Alex Scott (22-English), Aye Sameshima (28-Japanese)

and lastly, music to start sunday (to get into paper-editing mood and wait for garefrekes and co.):