vintage garefrekes

I am a bit late to this news, blame it on moving/ working/ traveling schedules. This past May Kerstin Garefrekes retired from soccer. But even before that, after the 2011 world cup, she retired from the German national team and thus I have also been trailing off following the team closely. There are a few particular players I really enjoy watching, one is Kerstin Garefrekes, and the others are Homare Sawa, Aya Miyama, and Shinobu Ohno. The last three are midfielders of the Japanese team during the 2011 world cup. They are admired greatly (by me) for their field visions and skilled passing. I once compiled a video of all their incredible “drop” passes but decided not to upload for fear of copyright issues.

© AP / Rick Bowmer

“the” goal. USA versus Germany, women world cup 2003. © AP / Rick Bowmer

With Garefrekes, I have always loved watching her “runs” and passing from the wings. Ok, I don’t know the game very well in term of actual playing (hey, it could have been different if I got some training when little 🙂 ), but one of the key things is knowing “where” and “when” to run / make cuts to be open and seeing ahead of time where you can pass / cut the angles to get the ball behind the defenders. And i always love players running down the side and managing curls into the penalty area (that’s how England scored two goals in the 1996 world cup semifinal! pass it out to the wing, run in, pass in, headers, GOAAAL!!) . In any case, for those who did not follow, Kerstin Garefrekes was also involved in THE game that got me completely addicted to women soccer: the 2003 World Cup semifinal between Germany and USA. And, as a reward of being patiently waiting, here it is in full, vintage Garefrekes in one of _the_ best games in women soccer! Intense action starting at 14m30s , when, guess who, scored for Germany. This is also a game of SPECTACULAR goal protection from the German keeper Silk Rottenberg (and a young Nadine Angerer cheering on the side). INCREDIBLE saves after saves. The entire match after minute 14m30s was played in the German half! And she single-handedly preserved the score for Germany until minute 91…

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red vs world champion

oh wow, look, “we” actually played captain Sawa + super-midfield Miyama & Co. in 2007! just saw only highlights of 1st leg in vietnam, and “we” only lost 0-4!

As you know, being communist, it’s essential (or crucial?) to have RED everything. am wondering whether “our” uniform is more red than north korea’s. And for that matter, which team gets to wear red if the 2 sides meet?? (off to youtube for hunt i go…, while procrastinating editing paper…)

in case you want to find out “our” fate in 2nd leg with the world champion and captain Sawa, check here… By the look of gloves on Sawa, i suspect “we” vietnamese all froze.

oops, spoke too soon, that was only first half of first leg, here’s 2nd half, a few more goals against red team… i should be sad really, but that uniform hurts me eyes…