switzerland 2013 recap

I still have plan to come back and write up about the last performance… perhaps by this weekend. But here is again the annual HD slideshow of the adventure to Anja Harteros’ Leonora aria. A large part on this trip, I spent either on the run or waiting on train/street, and this was the music that truly sticks. First the slideshow, then to finish out the aria, the last few pictures are repeats of the most lasting images. Lots of warm emotions, annual visiting to dear friends, meeting with new ones in Zürich with fantastic insider’s guide to river swimming + picnic _and_ promises of hosting on my next VK excursion 🙂 🙂 :-). Many discussions on VK, classical music, life, languages, sausages. I always love the establishment of human contact on the personal level because traveling can be such an isolation experience. As a complement I was spotted as an “obvious” Kasarova fan the moment i took my seat in the royal box; i told you, those video coordinators, they don’t always film what see ;-). A small regret couldn’t meet up with Cat and S, but many wishes all is moving foward well. life is long, we will resume. The Alps are sooooo beautiful, one can spend days and months just sitting / trekking / admiring. flowers: a batch for a certain singer but it didn’t quite survive the trek mountains to city. Somehow missing is a few photos of the trams, love love love it when the most prominent features on the streets are rail, trams, and pedestrians, and relatedly EVERYONE was in the lake swimming! For a visitor who loves small city, public transit, good bread, warm humid weather, no AC, warm human interactions, oh, and VK, it was a very memorable trip.

ps- cow picture: we don’t have cows in the city to test our mutual reactions… so excuse the ignorant question, do cows hit people? so on last day on mountains, I pushed forward hiking up on flimsy shoes, a very rewarding experience… except somehow i was the _only_ one on that side of the mountains with cliff to the left as the sun was setting… then niice bell sounds, cows grazing in distance heading perpendicularly to cut off the trail… Then i saw the horns and got worried coz if they decided to make a run surely i’d be off the cliff.. First i thought of waiting out but then if they just sat on trail (coz can’t go further to left) then i’d be miserably lost on mountains after dark… so it was a race to who got passed first.. with lots of slipping and sliding.. After i “ran” passed them, looked up, they were just amusingly watching my moves.. and more images of them _charging_ downhills, so off to the cable car to race all the way down :-).