• Triumphant Bastarda at La Monnaie, 23/Mar/2023

    Sorry, this will be very short, as i’ll have a train to catch (hopefully before the strike) in only a few hours.. what an incredible 2nd part!! and the entire production of Bastarda at La Monnaie!! If you have a chance, do come and see/hear!! It is a full theater/art/drama/incredible singing smashed into one. The… Continue reading

  • Bastarda, Part1, La Monnaie

    Have a listen please, while you read. As the evening marched toward its end, with Lenneke Ruiten burning down the stage in Maria Stuarda’s aria, i had a glimpse of hope maybe, just *maybe* their duet will take place?! but with the end so near, may be we have to wait until Part 2 before… Continue reading

  • stream alert

    Tonight (Thur 17/Mar/2022), at 20h Eastern Daylight Time* (02h+1day CET, 01h+1day London time) , live streaming from Atlantic with Nathalie Stutzmann leading and conducting the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, its chorus, and soloists. Click on this link to access the stream. It should also be on the orchestra’s youtube website (according to the orchestra’s facebook post).… Continue reading

  • a new mezzo to follow

    youtube algorithm suggests i should listen to Marina Viotti’s recent take of Arsace from Lausanne Opera 2022.. , which for many reasons led me to her channel and this gem (video above).. when we all can travel again, she will be on my (our?) plan! Continue reading

  • live stream alert

    now (sunday, 14:30h eastern time, 20:30h central europe time), Federico Maria Sardelli conducting Vivaldi, Corelli, and Sardelli’s himself’s work, here. With Roberta Mameli, Josè Maria Lo Monaco singing (also a tenor, Valentino Buzza) Continue reading

  • live stream alert

    Nathalie Stutzmann conducting Beethoven 9th symphony from Milan now, in a park! Soloists: Cinzia Forte, Giuseppina Bridelli, Raffaele Abete, Roberto Lorenzi. I don’t know the details on the orchestra or chorus yet.. the livestream is here: https://www.facebook.com/GruppoTeamSystem/ The sound is not the best, i suspect they are actually capturing the sound out of the speakers… Continue reading

  • more interview on another contralto!

    ah yes, this suuuuuuupppperb interview with Sonia Prina: “Sonia Prina, la barockeuse”, conducted in French, and posted on toutelaculture dot com . It was quite in depth and informative, one of my favs of her interviews. We also learned that we missed her “Tancredi” only due to this annoying thing in Italy where you must… Continue reading

  • interview to start the year!

    woops, can’t believe i’ve abandoned this for more than half a year! but as you know, 2020 is not your typical year.. in any case, let’s pick up some slack with an amazing series of interview currently reposted by francemusique on Nathalie Stutzmann. We start here with part 4, where she discussed a lot on… Continue reading

  • interview to start the evening

    To conduct an opera is much more like piloting.. you have to save situations.. In the symphonic repertoire […] you can rely on people [musicians], in operas you never know, […] there always is something happening […] it’s like when you learn to drive with a bad car 😀 Continue reading

  • Händel Aci Galatea e Polifemo at Wigmore Hall

    These mid-week concerts often require quite a bit of rope jumping to navigate schedules.. but after catching Sonia Prina and Roberta Mameli together on the radio last year in that gorgeous Orfeo ed Eurydice, then subsequently Mameli’s Aminta and Vitellia also on the radio (we reallllly realllly love the team Mameli + Sardeli), it waas… Continue reading

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