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Nathalie Stutzmann conducting Orfeo55 and duetting with Emőke Baráth, all Händel i believe, GORGEOUS music!! this program was live 25.Aug.2016 (today/yesterday) and now available for re-viewing. Click on the photo or here for the loooovely gif, then go directly to culturebox via this link.

(ps- I really like E.Baráth’s voice, it’s on the warm side, she also sang the high-mezzo part of Mozart mass in c-minor.

kasarova radio alert

edit: here’s the unedited version:

today, Sun 31/Jul/2016, 1700GMT , 1900CET, 1300EST , Vesselina is singing in duet with Ricarda Merbeth, here’s the program and link from worldconcerthall. Here’s the direct link at BRKlassik, though i don’t see the “play” button anywhere… (is it my flash block? but i do see the option for “live” so I’m guessing you can click there once it’s time.) I think one of the links on here will work directly from an mp3 player, though i’m not sure if “1” or “2” is what we need..


(oh, now that i see this, it was from an event on 17/jul/2016). She’s singing Mozart!!! and some Strauss, though surprisingly nothing for the role Der Komponist which she’s slated to sing in Japan this October.

I’ll be deeeep in my sleep, and might just barely have 1 eye open to manage the capturing machine… but am quite looking forward! I think she also has enough fans on the fb fansite who hopefully will capture in case my alarm fails… (oh, i know, let me go bribe Stray😉 )

photos for the day


on our way south, we spotted some sea ice scatterring, likely blown over from the Siberian coast. greetings from 67.8°N. This photo was taken at 2.30 local time with the sun still going down. here it is at 3.30am: (where it sat and came back up at 3.45am. photos taken on 13/july morning)


greetings from the Chukchi Sea


Greetings from latitude 68.5N, where in 1.5hr the sun will come to just above the horizon and stays for ~15min before rising again🙂 . we are currently hiding just at the tip of Cape Lisburne for the bad weather to zoom by (has been here since 11 hours ago) before resuming our cruise. Warm greetings with a photo of the Diomedes from 2 nights ago.  We should see them again in a few days.

Antonacci radio alert

Edit: I put the whole thing here for those who would like to re-listen:

Act 1 & 2
Intermission, interview with ACA (and others)
Act 3 & 4

today, 22.Jun.2016, 1800GMT , 1400 EST, 1900 CET
Live from Turin, via Rai Radio 3, Anna Caterina Antonacci sings Carmen.


Full info:
And a nice from her fb fansite, 1hr before curtain rising! toï, toï, toï !


more reblog

Natalie Stutzmann is back in Washington DC this week/weekend , she will be singing Mahler’s Rückert Lieder. There is a 15min minute chat with Nicole Lacroix on 03/Jun/2016 on WETA radio, discussing how her conducting dream is realized as well as how she uses her vocal instrument to express music.

“I’m an unlimited person.” (N.Stutzmann)


Those of us who follow Nathalie Stutzmann on facebook get updates regularly on her schedule and concert performances and reports.. and this has to be one of the best so far. I know how her conducting of Messiah has meant for me in term of building musical understanding, but it’s heart warming to read the comment just below the post as screen-captured here on the effect of her music making on others as well. Also, there’s a blog post about it in German here.


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