france vs england

we’re now in overtime.  now it looks like a game in slow motion.  england seemed tired. made all substitutes already for defensive purpose in trying to keep a 1-0 lead.  On the other hand, looks like the french players are tired as well.  The all-out effort to tie is taking a toll on them.  they’re no longer making small passes from midfield but just firing up. should reallly play to the right wing more where super-speedy sub Thomie…

i hope it’s not getting to penalty kick…

meanwhile, this woman commentator from ESPN is really getting on me nerve, all me me me “when i was playing i was doing this…”, “we americans normally do this…”, ” a sport psychologist once told me this…”, grrr


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One Response to france vs england

  1. thả diều says:

    wow, france has advanced!! they’re the better side. very cool and collect penalty kick . good for the french, the better side

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