music for Dorilla debugging


Ah, ch’infelice sempre
mi vuol Dorilla ingrata,
ah, sempre più spietata m’astringe a lagrimar.

Per me non v’è ristoro,
per me non v’è più spene.
E il fier martoro e le mie pene,
solo la morte può consolar.

Ah, ungrateful Dorilla
wants me to continue suffering;
ah, always more unmercifully she induces my tears.

For me there is no cure,
for me no more hope.
Only death will quench my pain and sadness.


contralto through the night


A bit late… i knew about this broadcast already last month but was up North. Click on the image to go directly to cuturebox, (s)he clocks in at either 17.30 if you like to hear the recit, else jump directly to the aria (and some swagger) starting at 18.25 .