where my (2)π ?

another t-shirt idea 🙂
they must have put something very strong in that boba milk tea.. i up now for some 30 hours editing away… but fingers crossed, since we have to turn them all in in 24hr..

you know how some people are comfortable living in the 1/[ ] universe? instead of saying “i’d like a BIG bowl of phở please”, they’d prefer: “may i have a *small* 1/bowl please”. anyhow, i think it’s the brain, we grow up with units of meter, second, not 1/m , 1/s (note the axes always heading in the opposite way too, to aide more confusion..)

i supposed to edit this file hopefully second to last time. have been reading some 150 articles the last 2 months.. extremely intensive though i must say internal feeling** is great to wrestle with.

Anyhow, need to stay up a couple more hours, but i happy to report during the course of this i re-discovered first the totally serious missing 108 power of energy, and today found the (not-so) lost 2π. so all is well, the figures have the correct /unit and order of magnitude, let’s celebrate with something soothing.

welcoming June!

hurrrrrahhhhh, back to the office, in good health, and looooovely temperature:


The office AC is broken!!! guess who is THRILLED!!!  (though they’re working on getting it back up, boo!)
So, some celebratory music is in order! though without one in my head, how about some digging news: Yes, i found where/what N.Stutzmann will be conducting this coming Dec: Messiah (hurrah).


Though it seems they invited her to conduct so she will not be bringing her band but rather probably down-sizing the symphony orchestras with modern instruments.. Now we just need to wait until the line-up is listed. Though if S.Mingardo told me she’ll be there, it probably means NS invited her 🙂 . Perhaps she did read my blog plead for more collaboration 8 . And did I mention working my “magic” and now have already a host for Detroit? With a friend’s parents! with promises to bring them to see Nathalie.

Cannnnn’t wait to start jogging again this weekend. annnd so much looking forward to music soon. wau i loove June.

back, with music, from Nathalie Stutzmann, how about Messiah in German, much less goose-bump inducing due to lack of comprehension (yay!)

music for the indoors

time-tag: 29m23s

it’s absolutely gorgeous outside! and i can’t wait to escape! but not quite, not when the damn area is looking like this…

Anyhow, below is simply my ramblings regarding my allergy. You can ignore as you wish :-).
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geography 102

a bit saturated in brain, so how about something fun. i quite proud of it :-), even used a virtual shovel to dig a couple of very important channels. Amazingly, a certain strait is missing!

ps- oh, colorscale + contours are in unit [km]. For completeness, i should really put lat/lon contour, but too tired… and too late. those text labels took ages.
ps2- don’t be alarmed by the 2-headed greenland, i see it all the time.

sticky tune

be warned, the content (and my fragmented line of thought) is a little disturbing…
got this strange tune since yesterday that left me head scratching searching for the source. it has to be from something very recent, but which opera??? “tà tá , tá ta ta tà tá” (if you know a tiny bit of vietnamese tones, you’d realize our 6 tones are nothing but music, and i can write any song in just such various accents and technically if i not way out of tune, anyone would be able to recognize song) . Anyhow, 2 visions (visualization? i saw nothing profound, just images) popped up in the head, one of a warm cozy room in soft yellowish light, and one of a kite flying. Though the flying kite is not the original source, it’s got a similarity nonetheless. Anyhow, here’s where the tune comes from originally, and here’s the kite flying scene, tear inducing everytime i hear it (not mentioning seeing…)

This is a movie worth seeing. Anyone who has lived in Vietnam in the late 1970s to 1980s and is an immigrant can identify with many of the scenes in it. Some of my siblings turned down watching due to fear of getting too emotional. And the janitors, the lawnmowers, recycling-collectors you encounter in the US, some were/are my relatives. An uncle told me once when he first arrived in the US, he applied for a job to clean the toilet at a university and they said he didn’t have the right qualification. Read more of this post


finally on my way home, yay, but not before having a pleasant day visiting siblings + nieces + nephews as well as attending Tết parade down in Orange County as part of the Vietnamese LGBTQI group. Now it really feels like new year! a better pix to come, but here’s a placeholder to celebrate the conclusion of a highly productive week.


due largely to our upbringing, we siblings react rather passionately (in various degree) to accidental religious events we found ourselves in, ranging from holding head “sh*t, why the hell am i here??” (me) to “get up, get out, NOW!!” (oldest sister). so, with noël coming to this rather religious oriented country, our phone lines will surely remain active with reports of accidents…

Two weeks ago, i was invited to a christmas carol “concert” on dec 11 at Harvard Memorial Church, the one with the brand new shiny and amazing organ.  Why not, i grew up singing lots of christmas songs in church, all in vietnamese.  it’s always nice to hear the same tune sung in a different language. besides, i’ve been to that church three times to hear the superb harvard choir in combination with the amazing organ (and organist Christian Lane).
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